Fisher-Price Little Snoopy

Fisher-Price Little Snoopy


The playtime puppy of your childhood is here to wiggle its way into the hearts of a new generation.

With the same design as when it was originally introduced in 1966, this little pup is full of the excitement you remember from when you were a child.

Pull on the cord and watch as he wobbles along with adorably swinging ears.

His tail wags with every move he makes and he even goes "yip-yip" as he rolls long!

Adorably designed and endlessly fun, the Fisher-Price Little Snoopy is a timeless, heartwarming friend that everyone will enjoy.

Fisher-Price Little Snoopy

  • Classic waddling, pull-along dog toy
  • Encourages gross motor skills, cause-effect learning, imaginative play
  • Designed exactly like original puppy introduced in 1966
  • Waddles as it rolls, ears swing back and forth
  • Tail wiggles as it moves - Makes "yip-yip" sound as it rolls
  • Pull along everywhere with strong red cord
  • Colored with detailed puppy design
  • Reliable Fisher-Price design
  • High quality materials and construction for lasting enjoyment