Cheese Dip Spelling Game

Cheese Dip Spelling Game


Serve up a tasty platter of early spelling excitement!

In this extra cheesy game of basic spelling fun, kids must use their mice's tails to snag the letters they need to spell out the words on their cards.

Fill the big bowl with all of the cheesy letters and then pass out one mouse and one word card to each player.

Let the cheese-snatching, word-spelling excitement begin!

Players take turns rolling the die to determine who gets to go - "Red, you're up first!"

On your turn, you have to use the hooking tail of your mouse to try and pick up one of the letters of the word on your card by poking it through one of its many cheesy holes.

"CAT - Look! The 'A' is right on top! Quick! Grab it!" - But be careful! If you drop the letter, then you don't get to keep it!

Keep on taking turns rolling, hooking, collecting, and spelling.

Roll the multi-colored side for everyone to go at once. Look out for the cheese wedge! - That means you have to put one of your letters back!

The first player to successfully spell their word wins the game!

Complete with different sets of cards for different levels of difficulty, the Cheese Dip spelling game turns early spelling into a thrilling game kids can't resist.

Smart Start Cheese Dip

  • Game of using mouse tails to hook letters and spell words
  • Encourages fine motor dexterity, hand-eye coordination, spelling, reading
  • Learning to spell becomes a playful thrill
  • Great for multiple players or even just one player
  • Players must use hooking tail of their mice to pick up letters that spell their words
  • Different sets of cards for different difficulties
  • Some sets have shorter words with pictures, other sets have longer words
  • First player to collect all their letters and spell their word wins the game
  • Includes 37 letters (26 consonants, 11 vowels), 20 double-sided cards (8 sets of 5 words), 4 mice, bowl, die
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality materials and construction for lasting durability